How to Survive Virtual Kindergarten

How to Survive Virtual Kindergarten

Life’s completely turned around with the entire pandemic situation happening in 2020. A lot of dynamics had to change especially when it comes to kids’ education. The entire system was forward to adapt into an online modality in order to continue working from a distance. This meant that kids would continue to take online courses from the comfort of their own homes. While this seemed convenient for a lot of schools and professors, it wasn’t really the best idea for the parents, nevertheless there was nothing else that they could do to resolve this issue. In order for kids to continue their studies while being at home a virtual kindergarten had to happen. Nevertheless no one told parents that this would mean that they would have to help their kids with their studies as well. 

A lot of parents were used to the idea of dropping their kids off, at daycare or in their garden, and taking off for the rest of the day in order to work. Now, with the entire virtual situation, parents are forced to become more interactive and involved in their kids’ education. A lot of people saw this as an easy way to survive the entire pandemic, nevertheless other parents that were busy and had things to do on their own didn’t know where to even start.

 For those that are still taking a social distancing from the rest of the people, here are some tips on how to survive a virtual kindergarten.

1. Create a designated space for their studies

It is very important that you designate a specific space for educational purposes. Whether this is a special desk or a table, it is important that you set a space where kids are going to have their online classes. This is because kids have a tendency of getting distracted with everything. If you allow them to have their classes wherever and whenever, they’re probably going to get distracted and not pay enough attention throughout their course. Make sure that you explain to them that whenever they are in this designated space, they have to study and pay attention.

2. Set rules just like for school

You have to set rules just like they have in school. There are times where they’re going to have a break and lunch time period, but also whenever they are in class they have to behave. Explain to them that even if they are not in a physical classroom, their teacher can still see them and punish them for their bad behavior. Let them know that there are some ground rules for Education time. This will make it easier for them to understand that even though they’re not in the next class room, they still have to obey their teachers and follow the same rules that they do in school.

3. Get in touch with other parents

The best way to survive virtual kindergarten is to get in touch with other parents. You are going to want to talk to them and continuously keep up with how the school is developing. You don’t want to miss out on anything, and make sure that you and your kid are on track. Understand that both of you are together in this phase, and that while your  kid is trying to pass their studies in kindergarten, you have to help and be part of it as well. It is a new transition for everybody, so make sure that you keep in touch with the parents to avoid missing out on anything.