The 4 Hottest Meal Plan Trends for 2021

The 4 Hottest Meal Plan Trends for 2021

There are tons of numerous health trends in the world today. Knowing what to eat is now all according to your body type, and what you are trying to accomplish through your health diet. Often some people are looking to grow their muscles, others want to lose fat, others are simply interested in being more energized naturally through food, while others want to be kinder with the environment and they want to stop eating animals.

There are so many health trends out there that naturally everyone is interested in finding out a little more about each one of them before picking one to start with. Here are some option ideas on what diets you could follow.

1. Intermittent Fasting

This trend involves eating for a certain period of time, and then restricting yourself from food for another large period of time. For instance some people do fasting for 16 hours or more. In which 16 hours of the day they don’t eat, mainly this is done afternoon and overnight, and the rest of hours during the day they are allowed to eat in a healthy manner. This allows your body to process food, allows people to reduce swelling as a consequence of eating a lot, and also it helps people lose weight in a more rapid manner as you are avoiding food and extra carbs at night whenever your body has a harder time to process and burn fatty food.

2. Keto Diet

The Keto diet is all about entering your body into a ketosis state, which mainly involves eating high levels of fat in order to lose weight and burn carbs. Mainly, you eat healthy fats in order to burn and lose the glucose in your body. 

3. Vegan Diet

The vegan diet or plant based diet involves eating plants, vegetables, seeds, and everything that doesn’t come from an animal origin. There are many reasons behind this diet trend but mainly, because the over consumption of animal processed food has made animal meat to be genetically modified and nothing is natural anymore. Aside from the fact that there are tons of animals suffering as a consequence of human’s habit of eating meat.

4. Paleo Diet

Very similar to the plant based, however people are allowed to eat animal meals. This diet involves eating like a caveman, a lot of wild food that involves nuts, proteins, berries, fruits, different sorts of meats, but it avoids any grains or wheat, mainly food that requires an industrialized technique of growth. This diet is more plain and simple.