Healthy but tasty snacks for your kid's playdates

Healthy but tasty snacks for your kid’s playdates

As a parent, you want to make sure that your kid is eating in the healthiest way possible. Not only does this have to do a lot with their development and their growth, but you definitely want to have a healthy child and avoid sickness and colds as much as you can. In order to protect their immune system, and feed them healthy meals as much as you can, you’re going to have to get creative when it comes to snacks and lunchtime. Kids are very Visual and they get bored with regular plates and weird food. For that reason you can get creative especially when it comes to making tasty snacks. The best thing that you can do is even prepare healthy snacks for your kids’ playdates so that you set a good example for other kids on eating healthy.

Often, play dates are a very bad situation where kids go to other children’s houses or even they invite friends into their homes, and usually parents take this opportunity to serve children sweets and junk food.However, there is nothing more important than serving a healthy snack even during playdates.Teaching your kids that eating healthy is not just something that is practiced in the home, but it is something that they should be doing every day is very important. Don’t just cut down some vegetables and attempt to feed them to the children given that they’re going to reject them right away. Instead make sure you prepare healthy but tasty snacks for your kids’ playdates.

1. Tasty and healthy banana bread

If you are looking to prepare a sweet snack, a tasty but healthy banana bread can be the best option. Grind bananas and even grind some oats in order to make the flower. Avoid using things like oils, butter, or even extra sweetener, bananas are sweet by default therefore it doesn’t take much to prepare this delicious snack. make sure that you whisk some eggs in the mixture and bake the bread in order to have a healthy snack for the children. Not only is this a recipe that your children are going to love, but it is something that you can eat as well.

2. Apple French Fries

 Get creative with your air fryer, and in order to make some healthy snacks play around with different fruits or vegetables in order to make substitutes for junk food. For example, cut down some apples, add some olive oil on top of them and put them in your air fryer in order to replace regular fries for healthy ones.

3. Yogurt smoothies

 Another great and fine option is to make yogurt smoothies. Not only are these healthy, but they are delicious as well. It is a great way to feed children in a healthy manner, given that you can add as many fruits and vegetables as you would like to smoothies, and kids are not going to taste them directly.