Working From Home With Your Kids During the Pandemic

Working From Home With Your Kids During the Pandemic

The entire pandemic situation was very chaotic for a lot of people. Especially for the parents who work from home, they had to balance their work along with their kids’ free time and their studies as well. This whole scenario started to be a bit overwhelming for a lot of parents, however with time routines and habits were built in order to make this home transition work for everyone. 

Here are some of the best tips for parents that they can use whenever they are faced with the situation of  working from home while having their kids there as well. 

1. Have an in home-office

Not everybody has a huge home where they can have their own office space, however it is very important that for working at home, parents establish a spot designated specifically for working. Not only is it helpful for you in order to feel more productive in this environment, but you also get to tell your kids some ground rules whenever they find you working. Let them know that whenever you are in this office space they can’t distract you, and you didn’t set times and hours for when you are going to be done and be available to them. Make these boundaries in order for both of you to get along while being in the same home.

2. Playtime – Work time should be different spaces

 When it comes to your kids’ education and playtime, it is kind of confusing given that this is all going to be happening indoors. The best thing that you can do is have a space specifically for playtime and another for work. Just the way that you are designating your own office space, you should do the same thing for your kids’ education.

3. Keep your kids distracted while you are working

Another key aspect when it comes to working from home, is keeping your kids distracted or entertained at the same time that you are busy.You are not going to be pleased if your kids need you in the middle of a conference call. The best thing that you can do is set different activities throughout the day, in the period of time that you are busy with work, so that your kids are entertained and they don’t need you in this period of time. Play activities beforehand, or even leave some games for them to play meanwhile, you will be grateful for this later.