The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Preschool Program

The Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Preschool Program

Children that have experience spending time away from their parents will be better prepared for preschool. This will allow them to pursue their interests and develop independence. Most preschools require that kids be potty trained and able to handle some basic needs. This includes washing hands and taking naps without help.

Social Skills

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are great, but children must also know how to share, show empathy for classmates and self-regulate their emotions. These skills are necessary for kids to be able to learn academically.

Preschool programs give kids opportunities to socialize with their peers and build friendships that last a lifetime. These friendships help children develop a drive to learn that they will carry with them throughout their school careers and adulthood. 

Teachers and parents were asked to rate their children on a 39-item SSRS-T that included cooperation, assertion, and self-control subscales to assess social skills. Children were then categorized into low, moderate, or high social skill levels by the average of their teacher and parent ratings. A statistically significant correlation was found between cooperation and the teachers’ rating and between assertion and the parents’ rating.


Children develop their sense of self early, and preschool Redmond WA allows them to blossom and grow into who they are. They can explore their unique skills and curiosity and gain a strong sense of independence that helps them in later life when needed. Preschool teachers also encourage emotional development.

They help kids share and express their feelings and teach them how to control their impulsivity. This helps kids to be more confident as they grow into adults and can tackle difficult situations that come up. When choosing a preschool, it’s important to visit the school in person and look at the teacher-to-student ratio. You want to ensure your child can thrive there, especially as this is his first time away from home for long periods.

Communication Skills

In preschool, children learn how to communicate with others. This includes both verbal and nonverbal communication. They are taught to listen to teachers and peers and follow directions. They are also encouraged to express their feelings and needs. This is a huge part of socialization, which is important for children in school and beyond.

Children with better communication skills are likelier to have higher standardized test scores and a greater ability to solve problems independently. Preschool also helps kids get used to leaving home for a full day. This is important because many children experience separation anxiety when they begin kindergarten.


Depending on your child’s personality, she may have difficulty being away from you. Preschool allows your child to develop relationships with teachers and other adults that can help her learn. This is an essential step in building her independence and preparing for kindergarten.

Children who attend preschool will be more prepared for the academic world when they enter elementary school. They will have higher graduation rates and be more likely to earn a high income as an adult. Kids also gain a better understanding of sharing when they go to preschool. They are surrounded by other students their age who have to share toys and games. This is an invaluable lesson that your child will continue to use for the rest of their life.


Enrolling your child in preschool requires a team of educators, staff, and families. Effective directors understand the importance of building a strong, cohesive team supporting each family’s needs.

Preschools often provide excellent opportunities for children to develop teamwork skills as they play together in group activities. These interactions teach them how to cooperate and listen to one another, which can help them build relationships throughout their lives.

Kids can also learn to negotiate with other kids and adults, a skill necessary as they enter school. This can be a big challenge for some kids who harbor separation anxiety or feel uncomfortable leaving their parents at drop-off. Children who master these social skills will be better prepared for elementary school and beyond.