Planning Advice for Children's Parties

Planning Advice for Children’s Parties

Kids’ birthday parties can cost a lot, so having a budget and shopping early for supplies is a good idea. For example, buying stock invitations can save money compared to handmade or custom ones. Also, try to plan the party for a weekend to avoid messing up nap times. Finally, be careful about who you invite.

Choose a Theme

Going overboard with character-themed foods, decorations, and activities can be easy. Consider your child’s age and interests when choosing a theme. If they are young, you should restrict the number of guests. Draft the guest list and begin shopping for items for the party. Make a checklist to help ensure you remember everything on the day of the party.

Prepare the Food

Every child’s birthday party must include food. Think of original methods to serve your kids’ favorite dishes, such as using cookie cutters to shape-form sandwiches or presenting punch in a fishbowl for a sea-themed party. You can rent a mobile ice cream truck to make it fancier. Make sure there is sufficient food for everyone, and consider themed snacks. Remember drinks too.

Make Invitations

The little details of kids’ birthday parties can make a big difference. Consider the theme when buying gifts or decorating if your child is obsessed with trucks or princesses. Create a guest list, then make or purchase invitations. Etsy has a variety of affordable downloadable options that match almost any theme. Include the party date, time, and location. Invites should be sent out at least two weeks beforehand. Also, order favor bags and arrange activities if needed.

Set a Budget

Before beginning to prepare, be sure you have a reasonable budget. It can help eliminate options that are out of your price range. Remember that kids’ parties aren’t cheap, even with a theme and a few inexpensive decorations. Spending way more than you planned on a birthday party can be easy. Depending on your child’s age, consider hiring an entertainer. However, good entertainers are often booked a long time in advance.

Choose a Venue

The moment has come to begin looking for a location. Narrow your options by considering the child’s interests. For example, a forest-themed indoor park or zoo would be perfect if the child is fascinated by animals and nature. Check the date and time with the venue. It’s best to avoid parties right before or after nap time. 

Decorate the Party Area

Make a big impression at the entrance with balloons that match or complement your theme. Hang a balloon wall or create an elegant foil fringe curtain. Keep kids entertained with activities that fit the party theme and help them stay occupied throughout the event. Craft stations, simple games, and music work great. If your kiddo’s birthday is in a warm or comfortable season, consider having it at the park. You can also use string lights to define the area and mark boundaries.

Make a Party Schedule

It’s a good idea to confirm last-minute details with any entertainers, such as a petting zoo or mobile party bus, in the weeks before your child’s party. It’s also an excellent time to write and mail the invitations. Weekends are the best days for kids’ parties, and avoiding mealtimes can help you save money by serving only snacks. It’s also wise to plan fun activities to keep kids busy, such as craft stations that fit your theme.

Set a Time Limit

Unless you want parents to stay at the party for hours, ensure your kids’ parties end on time. It may mean ending a game or craft project if the kids lose interest or simply putting the kids in a designated area until their parents arrive to pick them up. Good entertainers book quickly and can cost a fortune, so include the entertainment in your budget early. Also, consider asking other parents to oversee games or crafts; this can help keep things running smoothly and prevent disputes between children.