An Easy Four-Step Guide to Baby Hairs for Beginners

An Easy Four-Step Guide to Baby Hairs for Beginners

Baby hairs can be a great way for you to showcase your creative expertise. If you’re interested in a new way of expressing yourself, you might want to learn how to do baby hairs. However, the way that finished baby hairs look, it might be a bit daunting to try. The good news is that it’s fairly simple to do baby hairs, and you only really need practice to perfect it. Here are the four things you should do if you want to do baby hairs.

1. Brush the Baby Hairs Away From the Rest of the Hair

The first step is essentially the opposite step from taming flyaways. When you’re trying to tame flyaways, you’re going to brush baby hairs up into the hair and try to keep them with the rest of the hair. However, when you’re doing baby hairs, you’re trying to emphasize the hairs. Use a toothbrush or a dual-edge brush and comb to brush the baby hairs down.

2. Use Styling Gel to Hold the Hair Down

Next, take some styling gel and coat the hair with it. You should use a styling gel with a lot of hold, like Got2b gel, so you can get the best style with it. The best option is to only do a small section at one time; if you coat all your baby hairs with styling gel at once, you risk the gel drying before you’re able to do the entire style.

3. Style the Hair With the Help of Your Fingers

Your fingers are one of the most important tools that you can use when you’re trying to style your hair. After you brush the baby hair with your tool, use your finger to press the hair and guide it into the swoop that you want it to be into. Styling the hair should start with your toothbrush or brush and comb, but your fingers will really work the magic that you want from the style.

4. Apply a Satin Scarf to Set the Hair

Lastly, you’ll need to make sure the hair stays in place while it dries and when you do anything with a high probability for disturbing the baby hairs, like sleeping. Applying a silk scarf, which you can also pick up as an “edge wrap” or “laying scarf”, will allow you to protect the baby hairs. Silk is also an incredibly delicate fabric that can keep your hair safe in all situations, making it perfect to wear anytime you want to take care of your hair.


Baby hairs don’t have to be difficult at all. As a matter of fact, the basic process is extremely simple; it’s all about how you do it and how you practice so you can become better at it. If you want to start styling baby hairs, you really only need a toothbrush and some styling gel. Follow these steps to get started and style your baby hairs more effectively.