4 Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

4 Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

It can turn into a fulltime job being a mother, and aside from being busy driving your kids to school, taking them to sport practices, cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the house, running after your personal errands, then you even have to buy a fathers day gift as well. Often a lot of busy moms forget about this and they end up getting a last minute fathers day gift, and truly it is no one’s fault. Moms are natural multitaskers, but there is so much that moms can do throughout the day and it is natural for them to look for last minute ideas to get for fathers day gifts.

If you are a busy mother who doesn’t have time to shop for a fathers day gift, here are some last minute ideas that even your kids can help you with.

1. Have Your Kids Paint Something and Frame It

Have your kids use their hands and their creative side to paint their father something. If you have the opportunity, buy a canvas and paint for your kids to get creative. Afterwards, frame the picture and wrap it and have your kids give it to their father from fathers day.

2. Favorite Dad Activities During The Day

Another great thing that you can do for fathers day is to plan an all day-activities around what your husband/partner likes to do. Have everyone go with him to a sports match, visit his favorite restaurants and places and make an entire day filled with activities that he loves. Bring the whole family around for this and have them enjoy the day with their day.

3. Breakfast in bed

Have your kids help you out here. Make an easy breakfast and one your kids can help with. Have them help you make pancakes, cut fruit, squeeze oranges to make juice, and have them participate as much as they can in their fathers gift.

4. Collage Book or Scrapbook

Another great way to have your kids help with the gift. Make an album, have your kids cut out different things, draw on numerous pieces of paper, write their father letters and include tons of pictures of the family to make it a nice memory of this special day. Ask your kids to help you as much as they can, and only take care to finish off the last and final details to make the gift perfect.